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I practiced quality improvement statistical techniques in manufacturing for many years, and I look forward to sharing some of what I've learned about quality improvement with you! Continue Reading »

There is more than just the p value in a probability plot—the overall graphical pattern also provides a great deal of useful information. Probability plots are a powerful tool to better understand your data. In this post, I intend to present the main principles of probability plots and focus on their visual interpretation using some real data. In probability plots, the data density distribution... Continue Reading
In April 2012, I wrote a short paper on binary logistic regression to analyze wine tasting data. At that time, François Hollande was about to get elected as French president and in the U.S., Mitt Romney was winning the Republican primaries. That seems like a long time ago… Now, in 2014, Minitab 17 Statistical Softwarehas just been released. Had Minitab 17, been available in 2012, would have I... Continue Reading
My main objective is to encourage greater use of statistical techniques in the service sector and present new ways to implement them. In a previous blog, I presented an approach you can use  to identify process steps that may be improved in the service sector (quartile analysis). In this post I'll show how nonparametric distribution analysis may be implemented in the service sector to analyze... Continue Reading
La validation des logiciels dans l'industrie pharmaceutique est un aspect critique. Le formateur Minitab Bruno Scibilia a traduit l’article " Is Your Statistical Software FDA Validated for Medical Devices or Pharmaceuticals?" publié sur le blog de Minitab, écrit en anglais par le spécialiste Jim Colton. Il répond à une question fréquemment posée, à savoir si Minitab a été validé par la Food and... Continue Reading
Making parts that are truly interchangeable is a critical aspect of modern manufacturing. The same parts may be manufactured in different plants spread around the globe or by suppliers located far away. Parts need to be manufactured to specifications to ensure that they are almost identical to allow an easy assembly of new products. Interchangeability is increasingly important in the... Continue Reading
In this post I'll show how we can use a multivariate statistical analysis (in this case, a factorial analysis) to better understand data on social progress and economic development. This is a very simple and practical example of a factorial analysis performed using Minitab Statistical Software. Factorial analysis is often considered to be a complex and advanced statistical technique, but I hope... Continue Reading
The value of analyzing data is well established in industries like manufacturing and mining, but data-driven process and quality improvement is increasingly being adopted in service industries like retail sales and healthcare, too. In this blog post, I'll discuss how a simple data analysis may be used to improve processes in the service sector. Suppose we want to improve the way incoming calls are... Continue Reading
Most of the data that one can collect and analyze follow a normal distribution (the famous bell-shaped curve). In fact, the formulae and calculations used in many analyses simply take it for granted that our data follow this distribution; statisticians call this the "assumption of normality." For example, our data need to meet the normality assumption before we can accept the results of a one- or... Continue Reading
When trying to solve complex problems, you should first list all the suspected variables identify the few critical factors and separate them from the trivial many, which are not essential to understanding the cause.          Many statistical tools enable you to efficiently identify the effects that are statistically significant in order to converge on the root cause of a problem (for example ANOVA,... Continue Reading
All processes are affected by various sources of variations over time. Products which are designed based on optimal settings, will, in reality, tend to drift away from their ideal settings during the manufacturing process. Environmental fluctuations and process variability often cause major quality problems. Focusing only on costs and performances is not enough. Sensitivity to deterioration and... Continue Reading
Design of experiments (DOEs) is a very effective and powerful statistical tool that can help you understand and improve your processes, and design better products. DOE lets you assess the main effects of a process as well as the interaction effects (the effect of factor A, for example, may be much larger when factor B is set at a specific level, leading to an interaction). In science and in... Continue Reading
Suppose that on your way to a summer holiday resort (a very distant place), your car breaks down. You might just call the roadside assistance and wait for your car to be towed to a repair shop. But suppose that you think you are smarter than that, and you would like to solve the issue by yourself—or at least evaluate the repair cost. Vehicle breakdowns can occur for a large number of reasons. Intuit... Continue Reading
Macros are very useful for automating and processing sequences of repetitive tasks. For example, generating periodic reports (weekly, monthly or quarterly) often becomes a very tedious and time-consuming activity. The graphs and statistical analyses contained in these reports need to be updated regularly and are always the same (although the data change).Fortunately, these repetitive tasks can... Continue Reading
Multivariate statistics can be used to better understand the structure of large data sets, typically customer-related data. Suppose you have a large amount of data about your customers (preferences, degree of satisfaction, expectations, dislikes etc…), and a large number of variables you need to analyze. Your data might seem somewhat chaotic at first, and you might consider the use of many different... Continue Reading
I'm Bruno Scibilia. I joined the Paris-based Minitab team in 2007 as a Technical Support Specialist, responding to customer queries regarding the installation and use of Minitab Statistical Software and the project management software Companion by Minitab. I now lead a number of the Minitab Public Training courses in Paris. I obtained a Ph.D. in Design of Experiments (DOE), and then worked as a... Continue Reading