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Statistics doesn't always click right away. It's a different way of looking at the world, and I learn something new every time I revisit a quality tool or quality analysis technique. Continue Reading »

The other day a colleague of mine mentioned a use for Minitab's Tally command that I didn't know about. I thought I would share it with you in the form of contrived anecdote. I hope you enjoy it. Bob works at a manufacturing plant. You may remember Bob as the guy who was obsessed with gnomes. Well, his work with gnomes was so exemplary that he was promoted to work in the Garden Tool Division. Bob... Continue Reading
I am an outlier. Of the people who work in my department, I go to the fewest meetings, I talk with others the least, and I make the least use of our exercise facilities. But this is not because I am negligent, anti-social, or lazy. It is because I am separated from the rest of my department by about 10,000 miles.You see, my family and I have had the opportunity recently to move to beautiful... Continue Reading


Smarter Process Improvement

with Companion by Minitab

I was playing around with the power and sample size graphs in Minitab recently, and I noticed something interesting. Power, for the uninitiated, is usually described as the likelihood that you will find a significant effect or difference when one truly exists. There is a lot of good content on Power in the Minitab Help, StatGuide and Glossary. In any case, rather than simply describe what I found,... Continue Reading
I was in the kitchenette this morning, diligently scrubbing dried food bits off of my extensive collection of dirty forks, when a recent hire walked in. “How are you doing?” I asked. “Super!” he said, and he genuinely seemed to mean it. And then he spilled hot coffee on his hand, and his attitude changed a little. But only briefly.When you ask folks here at Minitab how they are doing,... Continue Reading
I followed the nurse down the long beige hallway and had a seat. “The doctor will be with you shortly,” she said as she turned to leave. It had been a month since my last visit. My doctor had prescribed me a statin drug to lower my cholesterol. I had prescribed him a P chart to monitor his wait times. I was anxious to find out how both had worked.“Ah there he is,” said my doctor as he entered the... Continue Reading
So I’m in my doctor’s office the other day and he tells me my “LDL” is “out-of-control.” “What’s an LDL?” I asked. “I’m glad you asked,” he said. “You see, LDL is the bad cholesterol and you want it to be low.” “So there’s a good cholesterol?” I asked. “Yes, it’s called HDL, and yours should be higher.”“Oh, so the HDL should be higher than the LDL? Kind of like how the UCL is higher than the LCL... Continue Reading
So I’m standing at my desk last Tuesday, when my legs suddenly turn to Jell-O. Then I notice the overhead lights gently waving. Soon folks are popping out of their offices with quizzical, sometimes queasy expressions. A few phone calls and Internet searches confirm that we have just experienced a very rare, East Coast earthquake. One centered in Virginia but felt from Georgia to Maine. Wow.We were... Continue Reading
Hi, I’m Greg Fox, a writer in the Information Development department here at Minitab. Have you ever clicked “Help” in Minitab and been awestruck by the wealth of timely and truly helpful content suddenly revealed before your very eyes? I hope so, because I write that stuff. Well, me and several other very smart and dedicated folks. We work hard to provide you with the documentation that you need... Continue Reading