Quality Improvement Statistics: Things I Learned While Writing Help

Greg FoxHi, I’m Greg Fox, a writer in the Information Development department here at Minitab. Have you ever clicked “Help” in Minitab and been awestruck by the wealth of timely and truly helpful content suddenly revealed before your very eyes? I hope so, because I write that stuff. Well, me and several other very smart and dedicated folks. We work hard to provide you with the documentation that you need to get your job done and achieve success with Minitab Software.

Statistics is one of those things that doesn't always click right away. It's a different way of looking at the world and you learn a little something new every time you discuss it or see it used in a different way. I learn something new every time I revisit a quality tool or quality analysis technique.

I'm easily amused, so we can't fit everything I find interesting in the Help. That’s why I’m excited about this blog. I hope to be able to share some interesting stuff I learned whilst diligently researching and faithfully documenting the myriad features in Minitab Statistical Software. I'm hoping that you will find some of it interesting too, even if you are not quite as easily amused as I am.


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