Fun with Statistics

Minitab Blog Editor 17 April, 2012

Joel SmithI’m Joel Smith, senior business development representative by title and stat nerd by education and personality. The best part about doing data analysis is solving real problems, and my job allows me to work with consultants and partners to solve challenging problems using Minitab.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about statistics, you know that I’m very passionate about what can be accomplished through good analysis. I like to use fun datasets as examples! Whether it’s making a better bowl of oatmeal, determining when during the year people are most interested in dieting, or what zodiac signs get in the most car accidents, statistics should be about exploring our world and not memorizing equations and Greek letters (sorry, µ and σ).

I regularly come across interesting data and I use that data to lead me to interesting conclusions. By describing these analyses in the occasional blog post, I hope I can inspire others to have fun with data analysis in the same way I do!