Hypotheses are tested. The null may not be true. I love statistics. How about you?

Minitab Blog Editor 17 February, 2012

Michelle ParetI love the field of statistics. It gives us the ability to remove human bias and opinion to discern between what is truly important - and significant - from those things that are not.

For instance, have you ever been at a meeting where a time series plot is displayed up on the screen and someone declares there is a spike in the data? Well, according to what? Let's use the power of statistics and control charts to put some limits on that puppy so we can be sure!

I love statistics so much that I earned both my undergrad and graduate degrees on the subject. (I'm an outlier, I know.) Although my current position at Minitab has distanced me a bit from data analysis and my favorite subject, I'm glad that via the blog I'll have an opportunity to exercise the statistical side of my brain while hopefully giving you some useful information at the same time.