Tips and Techniques for Statistics and Quality Improvement

Blog posts and articles about using Minitab software in quality improvement projects, research, and more.

In my last post, I detailed a study where the regression analysis seemed to show that higher calcium intake was associated with reduced injuries among our subjects. I had taken the data we collected for our main study and tried to use it to see if there were patterns amongst those who experienced the knee pain.A post hoc analysis like this can often give you good results but it can lead you... Continue Reading
In my last post, I discussed what the "Number of Distinct Categories" means in gage R&R output . Another common question with Gage Crossed is what table to look at when assessing your measurement system.  By default, Minitab gives a %Contribution table and %Study Variation table. Which one should you use when assessing where the variation is mostly coming from? Well, you could use either of them. ... Continue Reading
    "I gazed--and gazed--but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought: For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils." — William Wordsworth The ending of Wordsworth’s poem is about pleasant memories, the kind that I want you to have of... Continue Reading
I’m lucky to be in a marriage where arguing is an unlikely occurrence, but I've found that common Lean Six Sigma tactics, such as 5-Why Analysis and Fishbone diagrams, can come in handy when I’m trying to solve minor disagreements with my husband.A 5-Why Analysis was developed by Toyota to solve defects in their vehicle process lines. The technique can help you diagnose the root cause of really... Continue Reading
In my last blog post, I tried to make a regression model to predict fantasy football scores for the upcoming NFL season. However, my R-Squared value (R-Sq) was only 61%. Now I'm going to break the data up by position to try and create a better model. I used the same data set as before, which means each player had played three full seasons with the same team. I ran Minitab’s regression analysis on... Continue Reading
So I’m standing at my desk last Tuesday, when my legs suddenly turn to Jell-O. Then I notice the overhead lights gently waving. Soon folks are popping out of their offices with quizzical, sometimes queasy expressions. A few phone calls and Internet searches confirm that we have just experienced a very rare, East Coast earthquake. One centered in Virginia but felt from Georgia to Maine. Wow.We were... Continue Reading
I’ve had the opportunity to talk to several quality improvement professionals from companies across many different industries, and I’ve heard about the common challenges practitioners face when they’re completing quality improvement projects. Here's a brief summary:Where do I start?A challenge faced by quality practitioners, especially newer Green Belts, is the breadth of available quality tools... Continue Reading
Most Lean Six Sigma projects use data analysis to examine and reduce the prevalence of defects in a product or service. Experienced quality practitioners know that defects can sometimes feel abstract when you analyze them, until you’re the customer who experiences them firsthand.   On my first trip to Rome, my luggage never showed up in the terminal.So instead of gazing in awe at the Sistine... Continue Reading
For those of you who have travelled to the UK before, it will come as no surprise that our fuel costs are amongst the highest in Europe. It appears that driving a car could soon become a luxury at this rate.Unfortunately, most of us here at Minitab Ltd. are reliant on our cars to be able to make it to the office every day. So, unless we are able to relocate closer to the office (which may not be... Continue Reading
Your Lean Six Sigma project resulted in tremendous process improvement. It's time to share the results. To help people understand your data quickly and clearly -- especially if they don’t know statistics -- you need graphs.Statistical software lets us use a wide array of graphs to display data, depending on what we want to convey. So why restrict yourself to pie or bar charts, when there are many... Continue Reading
In my previous blog post, I showed how omitting a confounding predictor from a linear regression model obscured the significance of another predictor variable. Confounding variables can be insidious because you don’t always know about them, and you may have to deduce their existence.  In that vein, this post is like a mystery story. I’ll set up the mystery and include the clues. You put on your... Continue Reading
"I could even predict that John Madden will be the next president and make the Turducken our new national bird!" Yes, but what do the data say?  Anybody can predict the future. It’s true. Whether it’s predicting whether a coin will be heads or tails or a quality improvement expert predicting ways to save money, anybody can do it. I could even predict that John Madden will be the next president and... Continue Reading
Have you ever thought that certain Lean Six Sigma practices might be beneficial for your marriage? Although I’m just a newlywed, I’ve had success with these Lean relationship tips in my brief time as a wife.   WIP, JIT, and Poka Yoke’s Take the ‘Honey-Do’ List to a Whole New Level I’ve been told by my husband that long to-do lists stress him out and overwhelm him so much that he loses his focus and... Continue Reading
Recently I've been thinking about common questions that customers ask when running a Gage R&R analysis in Minitab. For example, when you run a Gage R&R, the last result that shows up in the session window is a value for the ‘Number of Distinct Categories’.  This one metric is something that customers seem to overlook when they call to discuss their Gage studies.          This value represents the... Continue Reading
In a previous post, I told you how omitting the subject's weight led to a surprising result in a preliminary regression analysis of the effects of physical activity on bone density. It's a good example of why you need to be very careful about the data you collect: factors you DO NOT include sometimes have a big influence on the ones you DO include! Let's look at how this played out in my... Continue Reading
They were careless people, Tom and Daisy—they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made. — F. Scott Fitzgerald As Nick learns in The Great Gatsby, you can't be careless about your friends or you'll create a big mess. You don't want to be riding... Continue Reading
If you’re a quality improvement expert, you already know that statistics can be a powerful tool in your quest to reduce the cost of poor quality and save money. But statistics might be even more powerful than you think—it may actually have helped someone win a lottery jackpot. According to Business Insider, a former mathematics professor with a Ph.D. in statistics has won the Texas lottery... Continue Reading
I’ve been using process analysis to develop a draft strategy for Fantasy Football. I’ve already shown that getting a top running back should be your first priority. But what if the top running backs are gone by the time you get your first pick? When should you switch to other positions? I’ll use Minitab to find out. Analyzing the Data I’ll look at standard deviations, which measure the spread in the... Continue Reading
Control charts are simple but very powerful tools that can help you determine whether a process is in control (meaning it has only random, normal variation) or out of control (meaning it shows unusual variation, probably due to a "special cause"). In an earlier post, I wrote about the common elements that all control charts share: upper and lower control limits, an expected variation region, and... Continue Reading
Riddle: What two tools in Minitab can be used to perform the same analysis on your data? Well, there are probably a few pairs that can be mentioned, but I am going to focus on Discriminant Analysis and Binary Logistic Regression.These tools can be used to predict group membership.  If we look at exh_mvar.mtw, located in Minitab’s sample data folder, we have the perfect data set to use. Here is a... Continue Reading