My Statistical Mission

Bonnie K. Stone 24 October, 2016

I started my data analysis career in the Space Shuttle Program, as part of the Trend Analysis and Corrective Action Department at Kennedy Space Center. 

Bonnie K. Stone and the Space Shuttle

My group searched for trends and recurring problems in the vast amounts of data generated at each shuttle launch. Our motto was “turning data into useful information.”

Hanging over the entrance to the Johnson Space Center Mission Evaluation Room (where the operations community and engineering community exchanged ideas and data on anomalies) is the Dr. W. Edwards Deming quote, “In God we trust, all others must bring data.” These words plant the seed that problems are solved and good decisions are made by collecting and understanding the data, not by gut feel.

At Minitab, our motto is “Fearless Data Analysis!” Minitab statistical software and Companion by Minitab have many tools and features to help you turn your data into useful information.

In today’s world, data is everywhere. Many people think data is easy to collect and easy to understand. It is often a challenge to do it right! In my blog posts, my mission is to impart information that will make your data collection and analysis task easier. I hope you will return often for new tips and techniques to help you complete your mission.

~ Bonnie