Celebrate Math Storytelling Day

Share with us your math or statistics story in the comments section below!September 25th is Math Storytelling Day -- my favorite math holiday of all! Since the holiday will be celebrated over the weekend, I thought it was fitting to mention it today on the blog.

Why is this my favorite math holiday? Well, I consider myself more of a “words” than a “numbers” person and I think today is a celebration of the intermingling of both writing and math.

At Minitab, there are several people whose careers involve both writing and statistics (ahem… Minitab bloggers!).

To celebrate further, I want to recognize not only Minitab bloggers, but the success stories we tell about our customers, and the vast array of help resources our technical writers provide for Minitab users.

  • If you’re interested in the stories behind how companies like Ford, Bobcat, Betfair, and Smith & Nephew have used Minitab to improve quality, check out our Case Studies and Testimonials page.
  • Check out our support page if you’d like to brush up on your Minitab skills.
  • And last but not least, read the latest blog posts from some of Minitab’s best storytelling bloggers: Jim, Greg, Andy, Patrick, Cody, Kevin, and Eston.

I hope you all have a great Math Storytelling Day and take a minute to either write your own math or statistics story or read one of Minitab's.

Do you have a math story to share? How did you get involved in statistics?

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