Celebrating World Quality Month

November 2011 is designated as a worldwide celebration of quality by ASQ. Celebrate World Quality Month by sharing how you improve quality every day.Did you know that November is World Quality Month? The American Society for Quality (ASQ) started the annual event last year to celebrate quality and its impact in the world.

Throughout the month of November, ASQ will be showcasing the advancements and valuable quality contributions in businesses, communities, and institutions throughout the world.

How are we celebrating at Minitab?

-Adding new features: We’re excited about World Quality Month and we’re proud to deliver powerful statistical software and quality tools that help people around the world improve quality. We’re especially proud of our most recent advancements to quality—an update to Minitab Statistical Software!

The update adds four new control charts to  those already available in the software: Laney P' and U' charts, and G and T charts.

Laney P' and U' control charts are similar to the traditional  P and U charts used to monitor processes in many industries.  But where traditional control charts can potentially indicate that a stable process is out of control, especially when large amounts of data are collected, Laney charts ensure that only important deviations in the process are detected. As a result, these charts can give you a more reliable indication of whether your process is truly in or out of control.

Minitab’s new G and T charts make it easy to assess the stability of processes that involve rare events. Hospitals, for example, monitor medication errors, infections, patient falls, ventilator-associated pneumonias, and other uncommon adverse events that cause prolonged stays and increased costs.

- Highlighting our own continuous improvement culture: We believe in quality improvement with the use of our software and quality tools, but we also believe in continuous improvement behind the scenes! Greg’s latest blog post—So, Why Does the World Trust Minitab? nicely sums up how high quality Minitab products have come as a result of motivated Minitab employees.

- Celebrating the success of our customers: We’re always excited to share the success stories of our customers and how they improve quality every day! You can check those out at our Case Studies and Testimonials Page.

At worldqualitymonth.org, ASQ is highlighting several events that are happening around the globe in November to celebrate World Quality Month 2011. You can check out those events here: http://asq.org/world-quality-month/index.html#events

ASQ is also hosting the ASQ You Q Video Contest. You can submit a video about how you’ve improved quality to make a difference in the world. I had a good time perusing some of the video entries!

Happy World Quality Month!

How are you or your company celebrating World Quality Month?



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