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My role at Minitab is to collaborate with others to reveal the power of quality improvement and data analysis tools in all sorts of communications—from customer stories to help resources. Continue Reading »

In previous blog posts, I wrote about quality professional Bill Howell’s diabetes diagnosis and how he managed his disease with Lean Six Sigma. Bill wrote a book, called I Took Control: Effective Actions for a Diabetes Diagnosis, and later when I spoke with him personally, he mentioned the importance of Hemoglobin HbA1c in diagnosing diabetes and how informative this single blood component can be. W... Continue Reading
Have you shopped online to buy gifts this holiday season? With Cyber Monday (the Monday following Black Friday) offering shoppers free shipping and other great discounts for buying online, it’s hard not to take advantage of virtual deals. I find myself purchasing more and more of my Christmas list online every year, and after comScore’s recent release of this year’s online holiday spending... Continue Reading
It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the time for holiday bakers and cookie monsters to unite! So what’s a quality improvement professional to do when his favorite sugar cookie recipe produced cookies that failed to hold their festive holiday shapes after being baked? Run a Design of Experiment (DOE), of course! A Fractional Factorial Experiment Bill Howell, an avid baker and... Continue Reading
Have you ever collected data, and then when it comes time to analyze it, you wish you would have measured in different units, or combined date or time data into one column instead of several? You probably know that Minitab’s Calculator (Calc > Calculator) is useful for performing arithmetic operations, such as dividing a column of data to give you radiuses rather than diameters, and subtracting... Continue Reading
We recently got the chance to talk with Margaret Donohue, a quality engineer in the consumer products services division at Bureau Veritas in Buffalo, N.Y. In her role, Margaret works with the Quality Manager to support the Bureau Veritas staff in a variety of tasks – including auditing, problem solving, and process improvement initiatives. We’re always excited to hear more about the jobs of... Continue Reading
After you’ve done the work to analyze your data in statistical software such as Minitab, it’s likely that you’ll want to organize your output and results into a presentation for colleagues or clients. You want your presentation to look great, so check out these tips below for ensuring your graphs look as good in your presentations as they look in the software: 1. Sizing Minitab Graphs for Presentatio... Continue Reading
It’s common to think that process improvement initiatives are meant to cater only to manufacturing processes, simply because manufacturing is where Lean and Six Sigma began. However, many other industry segments, such as healthcare and banking, also rely on data analysis and Lean Six Sigma tools to improve processes (even if those processes are more service-based). For example, it’s increasingly... Continue Reading
I received a comment on my last post from Robb Richardson, a business process professional in the financial services industry who is also a Type 2 Diabetic. In the comments, Robb mentioned that like Bill Howell, he too uses Minitab to analyze a variety of data relating to his diabetes diagnosis. When I followed-up with him to learn more, he told me our diabetes post prompted him to send an email to... Continue Reading
Do you celebrate Thanksgiving or other major holidays at work? Maybe you have a potluck lunch a few days before the actual event, with your department or team? At Minitab Inc. we celebrate Turkey Day with our annual “Minitab Thanksgiving” potluck lunch. But this just isn’t any old potluck—it’s like a potluck lunch on steroids! Employees volunteer weeks in advance to the plan the event, which needs... Continue Reading
In my last post, I discussed how quality professional Bill Howell chose to manage his diabetes diagnosis by treating it as a Six Sigma project. Since a key metric in controlling his disease was keeping his blood glucose levels below 125 mg/dL, he tested his blood using a meter three times per day and then charted his data to see how his levels changed over time. He ensured his measurement systems... Continue Reading
According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 26 million children and adults in the U.S. have diabetes, and another 79 million Americans are at risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of the disease, and it occurs when either the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin. Insulin is important because it allows the body to use... Continue Reading
One of our Facebook followers recently wrote to us about his frustration with Pareto charts. He was confused about creating them in Minitab—especially navigating the dialogue boxes. I wanted to craft this blog post for him, but I was also thinking of an interesting way to make Pareto charts a little more fun for everyone. Enter the Power Rangers! I grew up in the ‘90s when Power Rangers were all... Continue Reading
Did you know that tomorrow is World Rabies Day? It’s a day to highlight the impact of human and animal rabies and promote how to stop the disease by combating it in animals first. I found it surprising to learn that more than 55,000 people, mostly in Africa and Asia, die from rabies every year. The global source of most rabies cases in humans is from uncontrolled rabies in dogs, which is spread to... Continue Reading
I’m relatively new to the world of quality improvement and the various terms and acronyms that are often thrown about in writing and conversation. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with jargon like LSS, GR&R, MSA, MBB, SIPOC, FMEA, kaizen, kanban, poka yoke, and others flying around when you’re starting a project. Define Your Problem First If you’re new to the discipline, I’ve found that it helps... Continue Reading
Sharing how people and companies use Minitab software to improve quality is without a doubt the highlight of my job! It never ceases to amaze me that a common thread among many organizations is the desire to keep continuous improvement at the forefront of their business. It’s also pretty neat that many of these same organizations trust Minitab to analyze their data and organize their quality... Continue Reading
The annual ASQ International Team Excellence Award Process (ITEA) celebrates the accomplishments of quality improvement teams from a broad spectrum of industries from around the world. The 2011-2012 team finalists saved millions of dollars for their companies and showcased exceptional projects and processes. The ITEA is the only international team recognition process of its kind in the United... Continue Reading
I really like to watch the Olympics for two reasons. One is that it’s simply breathtaking to watch the world's best athletes compete for gold in the various sports! Another reason I love the Olympics is the plethora of data. From judging to timing, to preliminary rounds and finals, to the data surrounding the various Olympic records, there is data for every sport and every country at the Olympic... Continue Reading
Have you ever wondered what type of relationship there might be between how movie critics rate movies and how much money movies gross at the box office? It’s an interesting thought, especially since critics’ reviews don’t necessarily reflect the same sentiments as the general public. Brendan Bettinger is a part-time writer for Collider.com, a Web site that provides the latest news in the film... Continue Reading
As the 2012 Summer Olympics are now on in full “speed,” one of my favorite events to follow is the 100m dash. I’m a runner myself - although certainly not at the incredible caliber of Olympic athletes - and I’ve often thought about how running and sprinting has changed in the last 100+ years since the modern Olympic Games started. For instance, the USA has dominated sprinting in the last 100 years,... Continue Reading
Quite a bit has changed since Minitab Statistical Software was first introduced in 1972 at the American Statistical Association Meeting. But some things stay the same! Fast-forward 40 years, and Minitab is still attending the annual gathering. We’ll be at this year’s Joint Statistical Meetings in San Diego, July 29 – Aug. 1, and we’re really excited to officially commemorate our 40th anniversary at... Continue Reading