Minitab Tips and Tricks: Top 10 Countdown

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Are you old enough to remember the glory days of Casey Kasem and the American Top 40 Countdown? Unfortunately, I am.

In honor of all the teenyboppers of the past, and all the Minitab users of the present, here’s a countdown of my personal “Top 10 Tips and Tricks” in Minitab Statistical Software, paired with miscellaneous hits from Billboard’s 100 All-Time Top Songs List.

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any annoying earworms that the reader may experience as a result of reading this post 

tip #10
Duplicate a Minitab graph
Click a graph, then choose Editor > Duplicate Graph to make an exact copy of that graph, or just press F3 when the graph is active.

duplicate graph

tip #9
Add a column description
Right-click the worksheet column and choose Column > Description to add a description or note.To see the description, hover your cursor over the red triangle in the corner of the column name.
column description

tip #8
Zoom in and out of a worksheet
Press Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the worksheet. Great for boomers like me who are in denial about needing bifocals.

tip #8
tip #7   
Go to the first or last cell of a column
Select any cell in a column. Then press Home or End to go to the top or bottom of the column, respectively.
 Home                         End

tip 7

tip 6
Plant a flag on a DOE contour plot
Right-click the contour plot and select Plant Flag. Click the plot to display the coordinates and fitted value at that point.
contour plot

The next hit song, coming in at #5, is paired with a Minitab tip on presenting your graphical results. But before we reveal it, see if you can identify the musicians who played the song using this clue. 

This band formed in 1967 in San Francisco. Their original blues style later evolved into a more popular sound. They had seven top 20 hits on the US singles charts from 1973 through 1982 and their greatest hits album sold over 13 million copies. The founder of the band suffered a broken neck after a car accident in 1971 but came back afterwards stronger than ever, and still performs to sold-out concerts around the world.

Now it's time for a commercial break. When we come back (in my next blog) we’ll reveal the band, as well as my top 5 Minitab tips and tricks.

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