Don't Fear Statistics

Cody Steele 07 June, 2011

Cody Steele“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” Yoda

This quotation sums up the way most people’s relationship to statistics develops. But not me.

My name is Cody Steele, and I’m the guy who Eston Martz warned you about. From the time my 6-year-old self decided that Superman’s most amazing power was his intelligence, through buying a calculus book after college so that I could integrate functions for fun, I always liked math. After I took my first statistics course, I was hooked. It astounded me that statistics could help you make decisions when all you had to go on was data, rather than an equation that would give you a “right” answer.

I realized right away that my love for statistics wasn’t very common. Even in my own family, the idea of statistics brought frowns to people’s faces. When I told my aunt that I was going to get a master’s degree in Statistics, she said that Statistics was the only course she had to take for her PhD that she hated!

From wanting to collect and analyze data, my new passion became convincing people that they didn’t have to live their lives in fear of STATISTICS. That’s what brought me to the Information Development Department at Minitab, where I get to write straightforward explanations on everything from Gage R&R to reliability analysis. If you read my blog, I’ll share simple ways to build your confidence, but with a little more emphasis on a few of my favorite things: from Star Wars to John Keats.