Redouane Kouiden

Redouane Kouiden wrote for the Minitab Blog from 2011-2012.

Since we introduced new control charts in Minitab, I’ve been waiting to come across some real data I could use to showcase their awesome power. My friends, this day has come! I am about to reveal a perhaps unconventional use of the Laney P' chartto investigate national cycling data in the UK. So we’re not looking at any real process here, which is how the P' chart is usually used, just data from a... Continue Reading
This post might come across a little bit geeky, but hey, I like to apply my statistical acumen to my day-to-day life—especially if it gets me brownie points with my wife! On a more serious note, what I am about to show you can be very helpful in Lean Six Sigma initiatives, particularly if you are trying to improve customer satisfaction ratings across a range of  products, services or sites. But... Continue Reading
Watching the news in the U.K. is like listening to the same old annoying record over and over again: "Uncertainties about the European economy...disappointing employment figures...stubbornly  high inflation...increasing pressures on  the average U.K.  household  to make ends meet…" How about some good news, please? Actually, there is some good news…that is, if you are a top executive for one of the... Continue Reading
We recently had a technical support request about using the Response Optimizer after analysing a factorial design in Minitab. Whilst we were able to help illustrate its use and answer the customer query, something else about the analysis caught our eye. It was the residual plots that showed the unusual effects. Residuals are used in regression and ANOVA analyses to indicate how well your model... Continue Reading
Working as a technical support specialist at Minitab Ltd, I regularly come across customers who experience unusual-looking normal probability plots. I have to say, my initial reaction when I was first presented with these unfriendly creatures was:  “Uh oh, the pattern does look very strange, what do I say now? “ Luckily for me, a colleague had seen many of these in his long and illustrious career.... Continue Reading
For those of you who have travelled to the UK before, it will come as no surprise that our fuel costs are amongst the highest in Europe. It appears that driving a car could soon become a luxury at this rate.Unfortunately, most of us here at Minitab Ltd. are reliant on our cars to be able to make it to the office every day. So, unless we are able to relocate closer to the office (which may not be... Continue Reading