How statistics made me look at the world from a different perspective

Mrxky name is Redouane Kouiden. Thanks for reading!

The beauties and complexities of our world become even more puzzling when you start looking at the numbers behind. Whether it is forecasting the weather or predicting the next presidential election results, statistical sciences are becoming more and more reliable and applied across various fields of study and industries.  One particular aspect that has always fascinated me is how a very small random sample of data can say so much, with such accuracy. You might be thinking at this point that I am a numbers-loving statistician expert ... Not at all; if anything, I always viewed statistics as a means to describe practical matters rather than a subject in its own right.

Joining Minitab as a Technical Support Specialist gave me the opportunity to interact with people like me, who are interested in explaining real world phenomena, trying to look beyond what‘s instantly visible...looking at numbers, yes, but only with the aim to simplify, optimize our understanding and live a better life.

Whether it is doing a simple regression analysis  or conducting a full-scale design of experiments, I find it astonishing that there is always a magical formula, or  a “secret recipe of numbers “ that ensures you get the same results, the optimum results, time and time again . This way of looking at things naturally brought me to embrace the Lean Six Sigma methodology, which strives to reach operational excellence using data driven analysis and waste elimination methods.  

In this blog, I will be writing about how statistics can be applied to explain and optimize the way we conduct our lives and the way we work, especially in the context of Lean six sigma projects. I will aim to explain statistical tools using simple terms and examples, drawn from my experience working at Minitab. I hope you will find this reading experience as enjoyable as I find writing this blog.



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