Karen Meldrum

Karen Meldrum wrote for the Minitab Blog from 2011-2013..

New to confidence intervals?  Here are some important things to keep in mind! Confidence Intervals: are used to estimate population parameters (commonly the process mean, standard deviation, % of defective units, or even capability indices).  provide more meaningful information than any random sample statistic for characterizing the population. MINI-TIP:See “Tip 1: Every sample statistic is a little... Continue Reading
You Need Confidence Intervals. (REALLY.) WHY? See “Tip 1: Every sample statistic is a little bit wrong.” ABSTRACT: Scenario: We collect sample data, draw pictures of the data, and calculate statistics.Problem: See Tip 1: a sample does not provide an ‘exact’ depiction of population information.Solution: Confidence Intervals DETAIL: Scenario:We hope to estimate population statistics (formally known... Continue Reading
Most people are familiar with the concept of statistics based on exposure to every-day information, such as people polls, election results, weather or sports stats, commercial product comparisons, etc. Someone collects a set of data, does some number-crunching, and produces for us some interesting statistics. These sorts of sample statistics are called ‘descriptive statistics’. Descriptive... Continue Reading