Real-World Applications of Statistics

Minitab Blog Editor 08 August, 2013

Jim ColtonI received my B.S. in applied statistics in 1992 from Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T) and my master's in applied statistics from R.I.T's Center for Quality and Applied Statistics in 1993. I also completed Ph.D. coursework at The University of Washington and The Ohio State University.

While working towards my Statistics degrees, I further developed my industrial skills working at Xerox, IBM, and Kellogg's. Following my education, I spent two years in West Palm Beach, FL working as an engineering statistician at Pratt & Whitney, where I specialized in simulation, reliability, and teaching experimental design to engineers.

Working daily with product developers at Kellogg's and engineers at Xerox, IBM, and Pratt & Whitney taught me how to explain statistics in practical terms. I've leveraged those skills at Minitab the past 15 years, promoting the correct use of statistical and quality tools through onsite training and mentoring.

In recent years, I've focused on manufacturing quality at pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

I'm looking forward to sharing some of my experiences and analyses with you on the Minitab blog!