Kevin Rudy

I write about how statistics can be used to help understand sports, but these techniques and tools have applications in quality improvement and any other endeavor that involves the analysis of data. Continue Reading »

I’ve been using process analysis to develop a draft strategy for Fantasy Football. I’ve already shown that getting a top running back should be your first priority. But what if the top running backs are gone by the time you get your first pick? When should you switch to other positions? I’ll use Minitab to find out. Analyzing the Data I’ll look at standard deviations, which measure the spread in the... Continue Reading
Now that it looks like we’re going to have an NFL season, it’s time for Minitab to start thinking about Fantasy Football! Many businesses use process analysis to improve performance, so why can’t we do the same thing with the process of selecting a Fantasy Football team? The answer is, we can! I’ll use process analysis to show how you can improve the process of drafting your team. In the Fantasy... Continue Reading
The great Homer Simpson once said "People can come up with statistics to prove anything." But an accurate statistical analysis can show significant results. So whether you're making important quality improvement decisions or simply studying a subject that you're interested in, make sure you collect data that that eats the entire doughnut. Erm, I mean, paints the entire picture.   I’ve used ANOVA and... Continue Reading
Whether we're talking about process improvement or sports, it's always a good idea to see if data analysis supports the ideas you assume to be true. Sometimes the data confirm what you expected to see. But sometimes the data suggest that the "common wisdom" isn't all that wise after all.For instance, sportscasters talk about “parity” all the time. The NFL is frequently assumed to be the... Continue Reading
Whether we're talking about sports or the best way to improve a process through Lean Six Sigma, it's good practice to verify things you "know" with some data. Quick and easy data analysis sometimes reveals that what everyone took as common knowledge just isn't true. On the other hand, looking at data also can confirm your suspicions.For example, it's no secret that LeBron James didn't play well... Continue Reading
A recent study by Bank of America found that the proportion of Americans under 50 on Facebook is 96%. However, the second paragraph of the article questions the validity of the study. It says: A total of 418 participants were included in the polling. Such a limited sample size will surely bolster calls that the survey was statistically unreliable, but the persons questioned were supposed to... Continue Reading
When I was in middle school, I picked up the newspaper to read an article on the opponent our varsity football team was playing that night (for our younger audience, this is what a newspaper is). The article said the opposing team’s running back was averaging almost 6 yards per carry, which is very high. I decided that I wanted to keep stats during the game to see if he was able to average 6 yards... Continue Reading