Making My Statistical Software Match My Needs

When I want to analyze data, I want my statistical software to give me the options I want, when I want them. I want a menu that's perfectly suited to my needs. Maybe even a toolbar that gives me instant access to the tools I use most frequently. 

That's not too much to ask, is it? 

Look, you can't argue with nature. I'm a cat, which means I want things my way. If my human puts something (like a computer keyboard) right where I planned to take my mid-early-afternoon nap, I'm going to lie down there anyway and make him type around me. As the photo below and a bunch of others on this webpage prove, you cats out there know just what I'm talking about:

 I'm not moving until you customize my statistical software!

Fortunately, the statistical software my human uses is very easy to customize, so I can access the analyses I need exactly when I need them. That makes me purr.

A Set of Statistical Tools Made Just for Me (or You)

customize statistical software menuOne of the things my human is always going on about is Six Sigma and quality improvement, and how we can use data to improve ourselves and the things we do. As a cat, I don't have much room for improvement myself...but I do like to make sure my human is performing his vital functions (like filling my food dish) at peak performance. 

So I made myself a menu in Minitab that includes the tools I use most frequently. It was shockingly easy. I just right-clicked on the menu bar and selected the "Customize" option. 

That brought up the dialog box shown below. Selecting the "New Menu" command and dragging it from the "Commands" window to the to the menu bar created my menu. 

From there, I was able to rename my new menu "Marlowe." I then began dragging and dropping the tools I use most frequently, including contour plots, time series plots, and the fishbone: 

customized statistics menu

Cool, huh?  As you can see from the self-portrait I created to symbolize the Two Distributions... tool, you can even customize your icons. 

And that's just the beginning. There's a lot more you can do to customize Minitab to suit your needs, including creating custom toolbars and even creating individual profiles if, like me, you have to share your computer with humans. 

I'll talk about how different user profiles can help you co-exist with a human in my next post.


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