The Data-Driven Cat

The Stats Cat Wants Your DataThanks for visiting my blog. My name is Marlowe, and I'm a cat who learned about Six Sigma, quality improvement, and data analysis from hanging around my houseperson when he was working on his master's degree in applied statistics. 

He's not as smart as a cat, but he's reasonably sharp for a human. However, he sometimes forgets to turn off his laptop at night, and when he does, I like to jump in here and share my adventures in data and statistics.

If you're a cat, the things I'll be talking about should be right up your alley. What can data tell us about the relative merits of various cat toys? How can tools like fishbone diagrams make it easier to decide what to do after your nap? 

Even if you're not a cat, though, my goal is that by reading about my experiences, you'll glean some insights into how you can use and apply data in your life and in your work.

Using statistics can be challenging—even for cats—but you can do it. I hope you'll enjoy reading about quality and statistics from the feline perspective.  


Name: Carmen Frost • Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hola Gato Estadistico Minitabby:

I don't usually say this to cats, but I am "FELINE" quite confident in your statistical expertise, so here it goes...

Your blog is very a-MEOW-sing and informational! The questions you POUNCE on are spot on!

You are definitely THE CAT'S MEOW!!! It if wasn't for MINITAB, data analysis would result in a CATastrophe!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy catnap schedule to help me learn more about MINITAB! MINITAB is the best!

All my friends are MEOWING about MINITAB!!!!

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