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Minitab Fan 25 December, 2012

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Shirshendu RoyWhen I was student at the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), in Kolkata, India, my project had a requirement of accurate data analysis for some critical data.

My adviser suggested I use Minitab Statistical Software for data analysis in that project, and since then I have used it for all my research.

My project was successfully completed, was appreciated by my colleagues and instructors, and appeared as an article titled "Reduction of lot to lot shade variation of linen fabric: A Six-Sigma Approach" in the Journal for Industrial Textiles,Vol 36, No-3, 2007, SAGE Publication, U.K. For two years it was in the list of the publication's frequently-read 50 articles.

I have since published many papers in the international journals for which I have used Minitab. "Reduction of joining cycle time by Six-Sigma" appeared in the Human Resource Digest International Journal, Vol 15, No-2,2007, Emerald Gr. Publication U.K.  "Data analysis and e-learning products"  appeared in Training and Management Development Methods, Vol 21, No-2,2007, Emerald Gr. Publication, U.K. "Reduction of Defect Generation in e-learning product development" appeared in in International Journal of Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage, Vol 5, No-2,2009, IS Publication, U.K.

In my current role as a consultant I use Minitab for complex data analysis. Apart from its regular usage in basic statistical analysis, it is highly useful in Six Sigma project data analysis, and quality assurance and control.

I also am using Minitab for the data analysis in my current research initiative. I prefer Minitab for it's ease of use and accuracy of output. I suggest people use Minitab for their data analysis.

Congratulations for your 40 years of service towards statistics. Thanks a lot, Minitab!

Shirshendu Roy
Senior Manager Quality Assurance
SkyTECH Solutions Pvt. Limited
Kolkata, India

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