If You Don't Try Minitab's Project Manager, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Cody Steele 20 March, 2013

Disappointed womanNormally, I like to talk about fun statistical things to build your confidence: gummi bears, poetry, and movies, just to name a few. But building your confidence also means getting comfortable with Minitab Statistical Software. One of the features that makes it easy to view your results and data in a snap is Minitab's Project Manager.

My favorite way to use the Project Manager is through the toolbar:

Project Manager Toolbar

Click the leftmost button once, and you see all of the output in your project. Click the second button once, and you see all of the worksheets in your project. Click the third button once, and you see all of the graphs in your project. The best thing about this is that you can select multiple pieces of output, right-click, and choose Send to Microsoft PowerPoint. Then, amazingly, everything you chose is right in PowerPoint waiting for you to present.

Minitab graphs go directly to Powerpoint

You've noticed, of course, that I've been unnecessarily saying what happens when you click the button once. But it turns out that you do get something a bit different when you click the button twice. You see the whole Project Manager, with a list of everything that's in it.

Project Manager Window

In this image, you see the details of a designed experiment. Even the terms that are in the model. By clicking on a folder you can easily move between the Session, Graphs, and Worksheets that the first three buttons went to. And if you like writing macros, then the History folder is like your "Record" button in a Microsoft product. In the History folder, you see all of the Minitab commands you can use to quickly recreate an analysis.

As I'm not aware of Oprah Winfrey's statistical inclinations, I can't reliably predict the probability that the Project Manager will end up on a list of Favorite Things that millions of people read. But I can tell you that it's on mine, and I can hypothesize that Oprah likes a fun statistic or two.

The photo of the disappointed woman is by  nimble photography and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License.