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David Peralta | 1/15/2024

Topics: Minitab Engage, Innovation & Project Management, Research and Development

Research and Development teams handle various tasks related to qualitative and quantitative analysis, making it tricky to keep all the information organized in one place. As a result, this information often ends up scattered across SharePoint, spreadsheets and even personal notebooks. This disorganization leads to individuals and teams spending a lot of time gathering these resources, significantly prolonging a project's lifecycle and increasing costs. 

But imagine if there was a tool that could serve as a central hub for storing analytical and qualitative information in one accessible location. Enter Minitab Engage. 

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Minitab engage for R&D

Minitab Engage is an end-to-end platform designed to empower Research and Development teams by streamlining the entire project lifecycle within a single application, ensuring visibility for both team members and stakeholders. This is done primarily in two key areas: 


1. Idea ManagementA successful R&D team thrives on a culture of creativity and experimentation. Engage offers tools for brainstorming, ideation and feedback to inspire innovation, all while monitoring and evaluating the project's overarching goals. 


2. Project Execution With uncertainty and ambiguity being one of the most common challenges faced in R&D, maintaining team alignment is crucial. Engage incorporates four key features that facilitate consistent and timely project execution: 
    • Roadmaps to organize and guide projects with built-in guidance and best practices
    • Notifications and phase reviews so projects don’t fall behind
    • An integration of key tools, such as process maps, fishbone diagrams, DOE planning, FMEAs, value stream maps, project charters, control plans, CDOV and Monte Carlo simulations
    • Centralized data repository to quickly search past work, share best practices and find replication opportunities

Minitab Engage is a robust solution designed to start, track, manage, and share innovation and improvement initiatives from idea generation through execution. Engage enables the user to start from standard workflow methodologies and/or define their own:  

  • CDOV  
  • DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) 
  • DFR (Design for Reliability)
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • DOE Planning
  • VOC (Voice of the Customer)
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)  
  • Kaizen Event
  • DMAIC 

Additionally, data from Engage projects is automatically compiled into easily accessible, professional and interactive dashboard reports. This enhances visibility into your program and showcases its success:

Engage dashboards

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Minitab Engage is an end-to-end solution for R&D teams, offering a centralized hub for project lifecycle management. Tailored features for ideation management, project execution, simulation and a robust data repository ensure that Engage promotes organizational efficiency by handling essential data and information crucial for project success. 

If you’d like to learn more about Minitab Engage, consider watching the "Meet Minitab Engage" webinar presented by Mindy Tomlinson, Minitab Product Manager. 

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