So Many Statistics, So Little Time

Minitab Blog Editor 29 September, 2011

blog headshotStatistics are everywhere! They are in our everyday jobs, in the news, and are working behind-the-scenes to ensure companies are running smoothly and their processes have been implemented for efficiency. I’m intrigued by all the ways statistics influence and touch our lives.

My name is Carly Barry and my role at Minitab is to collaborate with others to reveal the power of quality improvement and data analysis tools in all sorts of deliverable communications—from customer success stories to help resources.

My goal is to present statistics in a manner that can be easily related to real life. Why? Because I think learning is easier when it can be applied to things we are familiar with. And in an age where Lean Six Sigma and other data-driven quality improvement projects can save companies millions, it pays to be knowledgeable about data analysis.

I’m not a statistics guru or a statistician by trade, but I love learning about how data analysis is being applied in the "real world," and then sharing what I've learned with others, both here and via social media. Thanks for visiting and I hope what you read here will ignite and inform your interest in statistics and quality improvement, too.