Eduardo Santiago

Eduardo Santiago is a technical training specialist at Minitab Inc. 

As a Minitab trainer, one of the most common questions I get from training participants is "what should I do when my data isn’t normal?" A large number of statistical tests are based on the assumption of normality, so not having data that is normally distributed typically instills a lot of fear. Many practitioners suggest that if your data are not normal, you should do a nonparametric version of... Continue Reading
Last week, thanks to the collective effort from many people, we held very successful events in Guadalajara and Mexico City, which gave us a unique opportunity to meet with over 300 Spanish-speaking Minitab users. They represented many different industries, including automotive, textile, pharmaceutical, medical devices, oil and gas, electronics, and mining, as well as academic institutions and... Continue Reading
Elections are fast approaching, and you might be wondering how reliable can results from exit polls really be? In other words, can you tell with certain confidence which candidate will win prior to the actual election? In particular, consider the state governor elections.Let’s suppose for the sake of simplicity that only two candidates are running – Candidate A and Candidate B.  If we split... Continue Reading