Tips and Techniques for Statistics and Quality Improvement

Blog posts and articles about using Minitab software in quality improvement projects, research, and more.

Agnes Ogee

Senior Area Marketing Manager (EMEIA) Customer centric individual, helping organizations to succeed providing them with benchmark opportunities, use cases and best practice sharing. Contribute to customer success and satisfaction: -> Provide learning opportunities, best practice sharing and use cases to Continuous Improvement Practitioners, data-driven Innovative Leaders from various Manufacturing and Service Industries in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. -> Listen to the Voice Of the Customer about our Products and Services to better address their needs. -> Engage with industry leaders to encourage story telling so they spread the word about their successful methods.
Agnes Ogee

It’s hard for Master Black Belt Brian Mapani to contain himself when he introduces his company and how he found the ingredients for successful continuous improvement. It’s understandable too. They saved $35 million by making a $1 million investment into their Lean Six Sigma program.

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