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Minitab Fan 23 November, 2012

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Letter Throughout my 15 years as a Six Sigma Initiative Leader, Consultant, Trainer, Black Belt and master Black Belt I have been enthusiastic about Minitab Statistical Software, starting from release 11 to now.

Minitab's graphics are outstanding in their ability to present messages and conclusions with visual clarity. They are easy to use and produce excellent PowerPoint images that explain and help leaders understand statistical results and conclusions. As a consultant and an employee, I often received feedback from leaders that Minitab charts and graphs are aesthetically-pleasing, and that they can convey results either at a plant leadership or executive level.

The intuitive interface assists the user in creating control charts, graphical summaries and capability plots so that everybody can understand visually how well or poorly a process is performing. This graphical capability makes Minitab an amazing tool for improving processes.

As Polaroid Corporation’s quality strategy manager for product development and worldwide manufacturing, I ran 7 waves of Black Belt Training and one master Black Belt class using Minitab 11, first using individual copies for black belts and then under a corporate license. In my career I also was a senior consultant, Master Black Belt, Project Manager and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Voice of the Customer Specialist from Sept 1999 – Sept 2008.

I then joined  Celerant Consulting as a technical consultant from Oct 2008 – May 2011, where my work using Minitab with a team at Life Technologies solved a ten-year problem. I worked at Life Technologies from June 2011 through July 2012, mentoring a number of individuals on ANOVA, multiple regression models, Gage R&R (including expanded Gage R&R), Gage Linearity and Bias, Type 1 Gage studies, Variables and Attribute Control Charts, Capability Analysis, etc.

Those involved with Minitab's development have done an excellent job anticipating customer needs! Of particular interest to users and leaders is the reduction in work made possible by Minitab's work-saving features, such as graphs that update automatically with changes to data or automating routine analyses with a macro.

In addition, Minitab's level of technical support depth is outstanding. Not only do they really know Minitab, they know statistics. Minitab has removed the statistical computing barrier so that non-statistians can concentrate on applying statistical methods.

Minitab's trainers like Paul Sheehy also deserve praise. Typical of the comments I've heard is this one from my colleague Sean Paige, a senior manager for manufacturing (and I quote):

I thought the first classes were great. In fact, when I completed the evaluation I could not make a single suggestion to improve the class. Well managed, great content, great instructor, tailored content.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Minitab for all of the help and technical guidance that I have experienced in working with Minitab from releases 11 thru 16. I have genuinely enjoyed my relationship with Minitab.

Joe Kasabula
Consultant, Business Excellence
Bedford/Framingham Manufacturing

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