Minitab Blog Posts for Learning Statistics

Minitab Blog Editor | 8/25/2017

Topics: Minitab Statistical Software

Statistics can be difficult and intimidating—but it can also be fun and exciting. Minitab’s specialists in statistics and quality improvement seek to make statistics more accessible by sharing their insights and experiences online through the Minitab Blog.

If you're teaching or learning statistics, the following blog posts explain critical statistical concepts and demonstrate how various tools and methods can be used to answer a variety of questions and solve interesting or unusual problems.

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Classification and Regression Trees

Understanding Customer Satisfaction using CART®

CART® Tips & Tricks

Branching Out: Using CART® For Alternative Ways to Analyze Categorical Survey Data

Pareto Chart

When to Use a Pareto Chart

General Probability

Any Chance We Share a Birthday?

Normal Distribution and Variations

Normal: The Kevin Bacon of Distributions

Central Limit Theorem

Explaining the Central Limit Theorem with Bunnies & Dragons

2 Sample t-test and Paired t-test

T for 2. Should I Use a Paired t or a 2-sample t?

1 Proportion and Sample Size

The Gentleman Tasting Coffee: A Variation on Fisher’s Famous Experiment

Chi Square Test

Using Data Analysis to Assess Fatality Rates in Star Trek: The Original Series


Real-life Data Analysis: How Many Licks to the Tootsie Roll Center of a Tootsie Pop?


A Tribute to Regression Analysis

Regression and Simpson's Paradox

Optical Illusions, Zen Koans, and Simpson’s Paradox

Design of Experiments (DOE)

Holiday Baking: Using DOE to Bake a Better Cookie

P and U Charts

Ready for Prime Time: Use P' and U' Charts to Avoid False Alarms

Time Series Analysis

Trend Analysis: Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Looking at Past Weather Data with Time Series Plots