Identifying Drivers of World Hunger

Jenn Atlas | 11/11/2022

Topics: Minitab Statistical Software, Minitab Connect, Model Ops

Minitab was fortunate to be included in Gartner’s 2022 Data and Analytics Summit, where we participated in one of their show floor showdowns. Show floor showdowns are informative sessions that let attendees see vendors solve a problem using a common data set and script in a controlled setting. It is a great forum to demonstrate product functionality and show attendees how they can solve problems ranging from data access, data preparation, data analysis and sharing.

This year’s topic centered on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Participants were asked to explore the UN’s extensive sustainability dataset.

We chose to focus on the second of the 17 goals, Zero Hunger. The goal was to understand the key drivers of hunger, to answer the question “What can governments and organizations do to reduce undernourishment?”

To address this challenge, we leveraged Minitab Connect and Minitab Statistical Software. Minitab Connect empowers data users with self-serve tools to transform data into a governed network of data pipelines and specifically, in this case, to feed our analytics initiative. Connect allows us to effortlessly blend and explore data from databases, cloud and on-premises apps, or spreadsheets. It is also a visualization tool.

Minitab Statistical Software enables anyone, regardless of their statistical background, to successfully analyze and find insights in data. In the video, we also discuss how Minitab Model Ops can provide real-time predictions and how it can operationalize the predictive model we built.

Watch the 8-minute recording of the Gartner show floor showdown here:

Minitab Solutions Analytics is our integrated approach to providing software and services that enables organizations to make better, data-informed business decisions.

We frequently hear from our customers about their business challenges. Whether it is an engineer identifying the cause of defective products, a supply chain expert optimizing their ordering process, or a bank analyst who wants to understand stability in their process, our team helps customers frame their challenges and leverage their data to ensure successful outcomes.

While every analysis is important, this one really resonated with usand we thank Gartner for including Minitab at the event.


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