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Using data can be challenging—even for cats—but I hope you'll enjoy reading about quality and statistics from the feline perspective, and glean some insights you can apply, too. Continue Reading »

Serving cat food? I sure hope you've set your alpha level high enough. "Bad kitty!" That's a phrase you almost never hear, but even we cats make the occasional mistake. I was reminded of this recently as I watched my human trying to analyze some data. People frequently make mistakes when they test a hypothesis with data analysis. Specifically, they can make either Type I or Type II errors.   When I... Continue Reading
Marlowe the Stats Cat here. Earlier, I showed you how easy it was to set up my statistical software with a personalized menu of statistical tools I use most often.  The problem is that I share a computer with one of the humans who live in my house, and the statistical tools I use most may not be the ones he needs to use. And I don't want to clutter my interface with a "Human" menu.    I'm trying to... Continue Reading
When I want to analyze data, I want my statistical software to give me the options I want, when I want them. I want a menu that's perfectly suited to my needs. Maybe even a toolbar that gives me instant access to the tools I use most frequently.  That's not too much to ask, is it?  Look, you can't argue with nature. I'm a cat, which means I want things my way. If my human puts something (like a... Continue Reading
Marlowe the Stats Cat here. That guy I share my house with left his laptop unattended again, and I spent the evening searching the web for news about one of my favorite subjects: salmon. Yum. But I wound up getting more than a collection of cool salmon pictures...I also got a better understanding of the role the size of a dataset plays when you're doing a hypothesis test.   You see, my search led... Continue Reading
My name is Marlowe, and I’m a cat. A cat who tries to make the best decisions based on data and statistics, and wants to help you do the same thing. Hey, if I can use data to better understand my world, so can you.  I permit several people to live with me. They’re all okay, but my favorite houseperson is that one who studies statistics. He taught me about this data analysis stuff. Oh, he didn’t know... Continue Reading
Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Marlowe, and I'm a cat who learned about Six Sigma, quality improvement, and data analysis from hanging around my houseperson when he was working on his master's degree in applied statistics.  He's not as smart as a cat, but he's reasonably sharp for a human. However, he sometimes forgets to turn off his laptop at night, and when he does, I like to jump in... Continue Reading