Tammy Serensits

With a smattering of experience in just about everything, and a deep interest in stories from the world of science, I will attempt to apply statistical concepts to fun, real-world examples! Continue Reading »

Tired of squinting at your computer screen?  Want to make an impact with the trainees in the last row of your class?  Try zooming in!  Here are some helpful tips on how you can blow up the size of Minitab Statistical Software screen elements for easier viewing.  Who knew Minitab looked so great close up? Worksheet Zoom Select any cell in the worksheet.  Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while... Continue Reading
The art of cheese-making has been around for thousands of years.  By that measure, Limburger cheese is a relative newcomer.  It was first produced in the 1800s in the Duchy of Limburg (now split by the borders of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands).  Limburger cheese is notorious for its distinct smell…which resembles body odor!  Given the most common reaction to Limburger – “P.U.!” – I thought... Continue Reading
Have you ever seen those commercials where people are walking at a slant because they haven't had their V8?  I was reminded of these ads recently when I had the opportunity to visit one of our Minitab customers in Tampa, Fl.  During the visit, I presented a seminar on some Advanced Minitab Tips and Tricks* using the same content we have presented in some of our free webinars.  One of the very first... Continue Reading
It’s the holiday season, a time for volunteering and gift giving…and sharing!  In that same spirit, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about sharing in Minitab.  As you may have picked up from other blog postings (see Stats Cat’s post on Minitab customization), there are lots of ways you can customize your Minitab to save time and create great looking presentations.  You can spend hours... Continue Reading
In industry, it may be presses and CNC machines. In education, it may be computers and microscopes. In retail, it may be the forklifts in the warehouse.  Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, in all likelihood you have one or more pieces of capital equipment that must be regularly maintained.  Typically these expensive pieces of equipment come with routine maintenance plans. ... Continue Reading
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration implemented new regulations in the pharmaceutical industry over the past several years. One focus of the FDA has been on quality in batch-to-batch production. Batch quality not only ensures safe product for consumers, but has the double benefit of saving pharma companies money.  It's a waste of time and money to go through the long process of manufacturing a... Continue Reading
Traditionally, the pieces and parts for most anything we buy are designed and manufactured one-by-one and then assembled into the final product we see on store shelves.  Everything from cars and jet engines to sneakers and cell phones are produced this way.  With the advent of additive manufacturing or “3D printing,” that familiar formula may soon change.  In this process, a virtual design is fed... Continue Reading
Do you have data in Microsoft Excel that gets updated on a daily or weekly basis? Instead of copy-and-pasting the entire dataset over to Minitab every time or hunting to find where you left off last time, what if you could open Minitab and all of the new data was automatically imported? Let's look at some ways you can bring data into Minitab from Excel that will allow you to setup a more permanent... Continue Reading
Have you ever found yourself switching back and forth between a Microsoft Excel file and Minitab Statistical Software just to complete a single analysis? Which software will give me the accurate results I need quickly? I decided to put a few important factors to the test—workflow, organization, quality focus, and help. The review below provides my own two cents on which software seems to work best... Continue Reading
As a sales rep here at Minitab, I get a lot of questions from people who know they need Minitab but are just not sure which deployment option would be best for their organization. We offer a couple of different deployment options and payment schedules. One of our most popular license options is the multi-user license. Multi-user licenses are concurrent-use licenses (sometimes referred to as... Continue Reading
Now that the 2012 Olympics has concluded, the sight of all those muscled athletes has me thinking about my own physical fitness.  I’m pretty active for a 30-something.  I try to hit the gym or pool daily and I’ve been working through the BeachBody, P90X and Insanity workout programs for the past three years. I feel pretty fit and healthy. That is why it was such a shock when I went to the doctor... Continue Reading
There are some sounds that are quintessential summertime…the whir of the lawnmower, shrieks of children splashing in the pool, the crackle of a campfire. I’m sure we could think of a hundred more. For me, one sound that comes to mind in particular is the chirp of crickets in the evening. In this blog we'll recreate an old country trick using cricket chirps and, I hope, learn some new Minitab... Continue Reading
As a member of the Minitab Commercial Sales Team, I am actively involved in developing new and managing existing customer relationships.  I work with our Minitab users in the Southeast U.S. and frequently get a chance to meet folks face-to-face at tradeshows and conferences. Before I came to Minitab, I worked as a product manager for a start-up software company that created innovative data... Continue Reading